• Lesley Young

    I am a live event producer who works primarily in broadcast sports.
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Some of my clients

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Web Design

Well versed in web hosting and wordpress. I am able to design to a clients specific needs and deliver on a reasonable timeline.

Live Broadcast

Over the course of 11 years I have made split second decisions and learned various roles in live sports including, graphics, tape, iso, and features.

Production Coordinating

I am logistical and analytical in mind. Give me a project and I’ll make sure I go above and beyond what it calls for. I am a hard working individual who believes in honesty, integrity, and a good quality product.


Over the years I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredible people and I consider myself privileged to be able to consult for others in the industry on broadcast, technology, and forward thinking.

Technical Guru

I would consider myself a nerd and also a fixer. I am able to troubleshoot logistics, planning, and/or scenarios that arise with a prompt and efficient solution

AVID/IP Integration

I am comfortable in all edit software formats, but especially thrive in the EVS/AVID/IP integration network.

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